PRESIDENTS: Jane Collins 0427 930 699  &  Melissa Cook 0421 517 435

VICE PRESIDENT:   Danah Besson

SECRETARY:  : Milica Music


HEAD TALLIER: Cory Whitney

TREASURER: Jen Hollier


NEWSLETTER: Jane Collins/Nat Grono

CONTEST DIRECTORS: Melissa Cook, Serena Adams



6 thoughts on “Contact

  1. Hi Georgia, Thanks for taking the time to fill me in with info on Allgirls. Look forward to participating. Have downloaded membership for and calendar. Would be great if you could ask around to see if anyone wants to sell a board. I’ve only been surfing a few months and was on a NSP 8’6. Want to go down to something between 7 and 7’6, preferably a bit wider until I get the hang of smaller boards. Am interested in any lessons and info for Ben Dickens would be appreciated. Info on the coaching for all girl members greatly appreciated as well.


  2. Hi, am interested in joining, where and when is the earliest I can join, and do use have a contact number ? Thanks

  3. Congrats to our Presidents and ‘all the presidents women’ who made yesterday’s comp round such an AWESOME event!
    My first with the club and wow! Everyone so excited and supportive of each other!
    You gals are amazing!

    Lots a luv and great surfing!

    Hahaha ‘the crazy one!’

  4. Hello could u send the timetable of all the dates thanks Asha

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