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March Club Round 2019

Wow! What a day! It was great to kick off the year at our March club round and it was awesome to see so many new faces. The day started a little slower than usual as we had so many people to sign on, but it was great to have so many willing hands to help with set up.
The conditions were favourable in the morning with the incoming tide and slight offshore wind, and even when it turned onshore and messy in the afternoon, we still managed to get some great waves. The two banks made the day flow smoothly with all divisions getting some high scoring rides. The coaching team really had their work cut out for them with all our new beginners and the changing tides and conditions, a big thanks to those girls on the beach and in the water for putting in 110% and making our beginner crew feel safe.
Thanks to those who stood in and took up jobs they don’t usually do to help, and to those who did quite a lot of judging, you really made a massive day a lot easier! You rock!
Beginners are reminded to shadow a more experienced judge after they’ve surfed as this is the best way for you to learn and pick up some tips for your own surfing too!

A big thanks must go out also to David, Olivia’s dad for helping with the towing of the trailer as all of our trailer girls were off in the Maldives surfing. Thanks Olivia for volunteering and organising “Dad”!!

Great day All!! Look forward to next month, till then, see you in the waves

1st Josie Morison  2nd Layla Ross  3rd Tully Fraser  4th Indiana Martin
1st Janet Pierce  2nd Lindsay Vaughan  3rd Breanne Brown  4th Perrine Widlak
1st Poppy Morison  2nd Mia Baker  3rd Kahlila Marshall  4th Mahia Adams
1st Cory Whitney  2nd Jen Hollier  3rd Tara Elliott  4th Ruby Johnson
1st Maz Pentecost   2nd Holly North  3rd Tully Fraser  4th Clementine Bourke
1st Kellie O’Brien  2nd Melissa Cook  3rd Jane Collins
1st Nyxie Ryan  2nd Juniper Harper  3rd Sarah Morison  4th Olivia Coates

Team Photo

2019 All Girls Members


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February Club Round Cancelled

After much deliberation and assessment of forecasted conditions, we decided it was unsafe for us to hold the February club round on Sunday 24th February.

We had hazardous surf warnings as well as gale wind warnings and as safety is of utmost importance to us, we decided it was better to not run. There is no 5th Sunday in February so our next club round will be on the March 24th.

Enjoy your month and see you for coaching day on the 9th March.

Melissa and Jane.


Cyclone Oma providing large swells and high winds cancelling our first club round




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Sign on for the 2019 All Girls Surfriders

Saturday February 9th     8.00 am – 10.00 am.

Meet at the beach just south of Lennox Point Hotel for sign on.
The perfect place to improve your skills and meet other girls who love surfing. Divisions include – Junior and senior divisions (beginner, intermediate and advanced) and longboards.

Call Jane at 0427 930 699 or Melissa at 0421 517 435 for more info.
Look forward to seeing you in the waves.


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Our End of year Presentation for 2018 – Theme – under the sea


Attached are our 2019 Membership forms and our Calendar for the 2019 season

all girls calendar of events 2019

ag membership form 2019



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Meet our new Life Members


Our New Life Members for 2108 Melissa Wright, Pauline Menczer, Berenice Roberts


Meet –

Melissa Wright 

Melissa Joined the All Girls Surfriders Club in 2003 and has been on the committee for a number of years. She has been Co President for 2017 and 2018. She has always been involved in lots of behind the scenes and is an amazing promoter for our All Girls Club. She has been gear steward for as long as I can remember, probably going on 10 years!    A wonderful artist, she has done our club trophies many many times and has painted and constantly updates our honours board. Melissa has been a fantastic club representative and we congratulate her and welcome her on board as a life time member of our club.

Pauline Menczer 

Pauline became World Pro Champion surfer in 1993 and has won 28 major tournaments including three at Bells Beach in Victoria, Australia. This year she became the 40th inductee into the  Surfing Hall of Fame at the Australia Surfing Awards on the Gold Coast.  She has been involved in the All Girls Showdown in Lennox Head since at least 1996. She is an inspiration, a pioneer and a strong advocate for women’s surfing, she continues to support our club to this day, she is super humble and is always willing to take time out to speak to anyone about any aspect of surfing.  We congratulate her and welcome her on board as a life time member of All Girls Surfriders,

Berenice Roberts 

Berenice has been involved in the club since 2004. She was Co President in 2013, 2014, 2015, Vice President in 2011, 2012 and 2016, and has been on our All Girls committee for 10 years. Berenice has been an amazing support for the junior girls in the past years and is constantly in the background organising things for our club. She is the Treasurer of Surfing for the North Coast which is the North Coast branch of Surfing NSW and contributes her time at a regional level as well as a club level. Berenice is a strong advocate for women’s surfing and her support for all of the members of our All Girls Surfriders Club is ongoing and truly invaluable. We congratulate her and welcome her on board as a life member of All Girls Surfriders Club.

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2018 End Of Year Champions



Open Division 

1/ Nyxie Ryan   2/ Jane Collins   3/ Danah Besson   4/ Sarah Morison


1/ Maz Pentecost   2/ Jen Hollier   3/ Nat Grono   4/ Marg Bryant

Senior Intermediate 

1/ Jen Hollier   2/Deb Gordon   3 /Sylvie Hoarau   4/ Nardeen Fry

Senior Beginner 

1/ Belinda Wells   2/ Breanne Brown   3/ Soni Acret   4/ Tracey Morison

Junior Intermediate

1/ Juniper Harper   2/ Poppy Hand   3/Mahia Adams   4/ Amelia Walker

Junior Beginner

1/ Alani Adamson   2/ Taylah McIntosh   3/ Ally Brisbane   4/ Layla Ross

Soul Surfers

1/ Cory Whitney   2/ Renee Adamson   3/ Melissa Cook   4/ Marika Ilic


Perpetual Trophie – For the highest achievement through out 2018 outside of All Girls club rounds – Pauline Menczer, 3rd in World Masters WSL event

The Pauline Menczer upcycled perpetual trophie for the All Girls Hardcore Winter Classic – First place in Junior Intermediates – Juniper Harper

All Girls Surfriders membership scholarship for the 2019 season  – Karin Oscher and Karen Howes

Most Improved surfer for 2018 – Belinda Wells

Club Person of the Year – Jane Collins and Melissa Wright

New Life members for 2018 –

Berenice Roberts

Pauline Menczer

Melissa Wright


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Our End of year Presentation for 2018 – Theme – under the sea

Thanks to Nat Grono for the photo




North east waste edited

The Point Cafe sign


Hoodini Image - small






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November Club Round Results

Our final round of 2018 was blessed with some of the best surfing conditions we have had all year with clean and offshore waves. With the swell increasing during the day to create amazing waves the girls made the most of it.
A special mention to our Senior Beginner girls, who braved the rising swell by paddling out the back to be rewarded with some of their best waves. Well done!
Thank you to everyone that made All Girls fun loving for 2018, hope to see all members fancy dressed next weekend for a special end of year gathering.
1st Jane Collins
2nd Sarah Morison
3rd Tamika
4th Danah Besson
1st Maz Pentecost
2nd Marg Bryant
3rd Jen Hollier
1st Alice Southwell
2nd Alani Adamson
3rd Taylah McIntosh

1st Juniper Harper
2nd Poppy Morison
3rd Poppy Hand
4th Mahia Adams
1st Deb Gordon
2nd Jen Hollier
3rd Sylvie Hoarau
1st Belinda Wells
2nd Peta Atkins
3rd Soni Acret
1st Melissa Cook
2nd Renee Adamson
3rd Berenice Roberts
4th Cory Whitney





Our Presidential team for next year, Danah Besson (Vice President), Melissa Cook and Jane Collins (Co Presidents)



Deb Stokes – our super awesome drone operator

Above 2 photos photos courtesy of Nat Grono