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Club Round Results – September

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After one cancelled club round and this months round postponed from last weekend to this weekend due to incontestable conditions we were finally able to meet today blessed with early South winds, a rarity for this time of year.

Whilst the swell was a small 1-2 feet and the wave selection slim, it was nice to get most of the surfing done in the clean conditions before the Northerly puffed its menace around lunchtime.

The younger girls kept the members entertained and inspired throughout the morning with some skilful and inventive free surfing on the club foam boards. Way to go girls!

Next meet is Sunday October 27th. See you then.



1st Maz Pentecost

2nd Melissa Cook

3rd Kristina Santos

4th Georgia Laddin


1st Layla Ross

2nd Tully Fraser


1st Poppy Morison

2nd Kahlila Marshall

3rd Mia Baker

4th Sasha Oxland


1st Kim Ford

2nd Pru Smallhorn

3rd Renee Adamson

4th Sylvie Hoarau


1st Lindsay Vaughan

2nd Marta Blaker

3rd Claudia Curchin

4th Laura Woolcott


1ST Juniper Harper

2nd Sarah Morison

3rd Tamika Hudson

4th Amy Fortescue


1st Kerene Bienke

2nd Natalie Grono

3rd Danah Besson

4th Maz Pentecost


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