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Member of the Month – October

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Renee =.jpg


NAME: Renée Adamson

AGE: I’m a 1975 model you can do the math

BORN: Coledale, NSW

LIVES: Lenno

Which DIVISON do you surf in: Soul Surfers

OTHER HOBBIES/INTERESTS: Photography, Getting out into Nature and hanging with my Fam

WHAT MADE YOU START SURFING? I guess my Dad originally when I was a kid but I had a huge break for years until in 2013 a friend won a custom surfboard in a raffle and coaxed me to join her to start surfing with her…. the best arm-twisting I have ever received.

WHO ARE YOUR SURFING IDOLS? hmmm, besides my fellow soul surfer sisters… I’d have to say the usual suspects… Tyler Wright and Stef Gilmore

WHERE IS YOUR FAVOURITE WAVE? Pub Innies, Flat Rock and Arrawarra Headland

My dream is to one day get barrelled in a super nice tropical loco or have enough courage to surf Lennox Point…either/or, I’m not fussy 😉

I’d like to surf as much as I can because currently it’s not enough and also get my kidlets out there with me.

“SURFING MAKES ME FEEL…” alive, grounded and sometimes just totally pooped after a long surf ;P

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