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Member of month – July 2018

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Name: Danah Besson

Age: Getting on!

Born: Mona Vale, Sydney

Occupation: Sales Representative / Account Manager.

Which Division do you surf in? Open Division.

What made you start surfing?

Watching people surf at Kirra point when I was a young child and wishing that one day I could surf like that.

Who are your surfing idols:
Lisa Anderson, Lakey Peterson, Steph Gilmore.

Where is your favourite wave?
Witches rock / Ollies point – Costa Rica

What is your dream surfing Scenario?

10 Rad surf girls, staying on a huge luxury boat in the Maldives, surfing epic lefts and rights, getting so many waves and hooting each other on and after an amazing long day surfing, having male models serving us delicious Cocktails and freshly caught seafood platters on the top deck.

What are your surfing goals for 2018?

To continue having plenty of fun and to get try to get some manoeuvres diled.

Other hobbies or interests?

Snowboarding, anything boating, traveling to remote surf destinations, rock jumping.

Surfing makes me feel…

Alive, free, healthy, fortunate and happier than anything! 🙂



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